Women Are Proving They Can Bring Home The Bacon

You know that old saying, “bringing home the bacon?” You would hear it over and over in movies and commercials in the 1970′s and 1980′s. But back then the reference was made mostly when speaking about men. Nowadays, there are so many businesses with female CEOs and CFOs (hmmm hmmm, Brigade Bookkeeping is just one of them), that the influence of women is undeniable. In fact, women are pulling in big figures in the workplace, and in some cases making more money than men.

4 reasons women are great CEOs

In a Business Insider article, Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary admitted that of the 27 companies he is invested in, the ones making money and that have shown a profit in Q1 and Q2 this year are run by a female CEO. Way to go ladies! But why is that? Here are my top reasons why women are better at bringing home the bacon:

  • MULTITASKING  - Women, especially if they are moms, have this unique ability to do two, three or even four things at once. I don’t know what it is, but for some reason we were built this way. I guess if you pushed a child out into the world, you figure, what’s more difficult than that? Multitasking gets things done, but don’t forget to focus on quality over quantity.
  • PLANNING IS KEY – The successful women I know are big time planners. They write down or input upcoming dates on their calendars. They set appointments and stick to them. They don’t let anything fall through the cracks. Planning is key at Brigade Bookkeeping too. We keep our clients on schedule, by making sure we do their books weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. Keeping your books up to date is key in running a successful business and in bringing home the bacon.
  • DELEGATE - Although women are multi-taskers and planners by nature, the most successful women I know delegate. I have a client who has a very successful chain of stores, who hired us to keep her books. She oversees our work, but says she would rather let us do what we’re good at, so she can focus on going out and getting new business.
  • CASH FLOW IS KING – The most successful business leaders, no matter what gender they are, know the importance of cash flow. Cash flow helps a business thrive, helps infuse money or needed equipment into a company and if you’re doing it right, means you’re profitable. If your company has trouble making the cash flow, then e-mail me or call our office to speak to one of our Brigade Bookkeeping team members for help.

Bringing home the bacon is important for every business owner; man or woman, we all want it! So focus on what’s important, keep a schedule, delegate and focus on your cash flow, and you’ll see a difference in your business this year.

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